We firmly believe in a personal approach to each and every customer. Having been in the roofing business for many years, we have the expertise and the means to make this approach work. Here are some of the service features we offer:

Quality Assurance


Warranty and Life Expectancy

Frontier Tiles is proud to offer our 75 year Non Prorated warranty at no additional charge. The life expectancy of a Frontier Tiles roof is more than 100 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tiles made of?

Frontier Tiles are manufactured from clay and water, making them the ultimate Green Product. Any coloring to the tile is permanent and utilizes natural, chemically inert materials.

How are the tiles secured?

Copper or stainless steel nails are suggested, because of their outstanding long term corrosion resistance. Refer to your local building code requirements for the length of the fastener and the type of roof deck you are attaching to. Some roofers prefer stainless steel screws on very high pitch projects (greater than 12/12) because of their holding power.

What sort of underlayment is required?

We recommend a self-adhering membrane over the entire deck, especially on low pitch roofs and high snow load areas. Check with your local building code requirements.

What if I have a tile that needs to be color matched?

Frontier Tiles has almost unlimited capabilities to match colors required for a particular project.

Why are Frontier Tiles better than other types of tile?

Frontier Tiles have ASTM C1167 Grade 1 certification, making it suitable for any climate and making it a "life of the building" product, allowing us to offer our 75 year Non-Prorated warranty. Taking into account price, quality, packaging and service, Frontier tiles are certainly worth serious consideration.

What is the lead time of Frontier Clay roofing tiles?

Lead times varies, normally 3-4 months from time of order placement, subject to custom finishing requirements.

Can I use Frontier tiles in cold climates?

Absolutely, Frontier Tiles are impervious to freeze/thaw cycles and have ASTM C 1167 Grade 1 rating, which ensures the tiles will last 75+ years even in the coldest climates.

Who installs your tile?

Builders of high end houses generally have a stable of preferred installers who are familiar with slate and tile installations. We can suggest capable installers in your area should you need help.

Does Frontier Tiles do material takeoffs?

Yes, we do. We typically need a roof plan and elevations. We can also provide budget pricing if the project is just in the planning stages. We will not take responsibility for the correctness of the ordered quantity, as this is generally handled by the installer.

Why Frontier Tiles?

Frontier Tiles has a simple philosophy: supply a product that makes everyone involved proud to have been a part of the process. We do business with an overriding philosophy of morals and ethics, just try us, you’ll see!

How much do Frontier Tiles weigh?

Frontier Tile’s main tile weighs 14.4 lbs./sf.

Do Frontier tiles fade?

Frontier Tiles do not significantly fade or change color over time, since the coloring is "baked" into the tile for the life of the tile.

Can I walk on my Frontier Tile roof?

Only trained installers should walk on pitched roofs, however the strength of the tiles is such that this is normally possible without causing damage.

Do Frontier Tiles qualify for LEED Credits?

Where do I get pricing on Frontier Tiles?

Contact us and we will be happy to have a representative in your area contact you directly.

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