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European Elegance — Asian Craftsmanship — North American Standards

Frontier Tiles are designed in the spirit of old Europe. Your project might be in rural Ontario or in a New York neighborhood, but with a Frontier Tiles roof it will project a clear image of a French château, an English mansion, or a Swiss chalet — the choice is yours. Your roof will have a hard-to-achieve “aged” look from the very first day. Frontier Tiles are not limited to residential use and are perfectly suited for colleges, universities, religious structures, medical facilities, etc.

These days traditional “European” roof tiles are not only made in Europe. Due to cost considerations and new labor legislation, most French and British manufacturers switched from hand crafting to robotic production lines, which resulted in... well, run-of-the-mill tiles. This is why we manufacture our tiles in China, where the tradition of clay craftsmanship goes back more than 3000 years. Each Frontier Tile is hand-finished, which gives it a truly unique look. And when we say “hand-finished”, we mean exactly that. After a pad of clay has been extruded, the surface texture, the butt (lower) edge finish, and the coloration are applied by hand.

Frontier Tiles have the European look but they are engineered for North America. Frontier Tiles are built to be installed the North American way — by nailing directly to the plywood, without battens. Finally, Frontier Tiles adhere to the highest North American standard: ASTM C1167 Grade 1.

Clay Roof Tiles: the Best Value for Your Money

Since the 1960's, the world has been turning to synthetics at an amazing rate: clothes, tools, building materials, even food... This is why today people of taste and wisdom value natural products and materials more than ever. In the domain of roofing, the ultimate natural product is a clay tile. It is made of only two substances — clay and water, which human skill turns into an object of art. Tile roofs have been around for centuries and, so far, no artificial substitute comes close to clay tile in terms of durability, aesthetic appearance, versatility, and friendliness to the environment. In fact, clay tile roofs are the only ones that look better with age. They don't come cheap, but they give you the absolute best value for your money.


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